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The reason I’ve put myself forward is because I want to represent the rights and interests of the production music community at PRS. While this is my background, a lot of the issues we have also affect the wider publishing community too. The whole reason I joined the music industry was because I wanted to help protect the rights of music creators and rightsholders.

Things that I would like to support PRS for Music achieving are….

Value for Music 

Work towards a fair price for music from all DSPs and broadcasters. Check out my video examining the current issue in the members council and the lack of representation in this area.


Looking at ways to validate data, especially with distributions. Even just using our own publisher’s data we have managed to highlight to PRS industry wide distribution issues.

Proactive Licensing

Plugging gaps music users’ licences, where they didn’t know what rights they needed. We should be looking at clients’ needs and upselling additional rights to increase usages and revenues. Check out my video on current issues within broadcast licensing.

Service Efficiency

Improvements to writer/publisher self service facilities and training material to reduce reliance on customer services

Information & Communication

When looking at issues we had within the industry the common theme was always information & communications. Either it was hard to get info, the way info is distributed, how current information is or inconstancies with information.


Working with Partners

Working with MCPS on joint licences and monetising the extra rights they hold, especially the PM sound recording rights. 

Having worked for small publishers I’ve gained experience within sync, licensing, royalty processing, copyright, overseas societies so I have a well-rounded knowledge of the overall industry. I’ve also recently started work with CISAC on dragging the CWR standards into 21st century.

I’m so enthusiastic about publishing and would literally do cartwheels (at the risk of breaking a leg) if you support my application with your vote!