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I’ve put myself forward because I want to contribute to protecting the rights and interests of the music publishing industry. While I run a production music publisher, a lot of the challenges we face are the same as the wider publishing industry.

I would like to support PRS for Music achieving…

Value for Music

Protecting the value of GEOL licences, which are coming under pressure from SVOD platforms, plus work towards a fair price for music from video sharing sites. YouTube and Netflix now make up 21% of UK video viewing hours, the future isn’t digital – today is and we need to make digital pay fair.

Data Accuracy & Transparency

Looking at ways to validate data, especially with distributions. Also improving data transparency from licensees to be able to pay rightsholders more accurately and assess the value of licences to push for higher rates.

Proactive & Fair Licensing

Plugging gaps in music users’ licences and upselling additional rights to increase usages and revenues. Also look at ways to make licensing and distribution fairer, so the system can no longer be used to recoup licence fees.

Service Efficiency

Improvements to writer/publisher self-service facilities, (e.g. Cue Sheet/Recording/Agreement searches) and increase training materials to reduce reliance on customer services.


Helping with PRS’ continued evolution from a de facto monopoly to an agile, competitive and commercially aware organization. With competition for digital rights plus an onslaught of “royalty-free” music, we need to work to be the best option for music licensing.

Increased Partnerships

Working with partners, much like PRS has done with MCPS for many years and more recently with GEMA & STIM via ICE, I’m sure we can find many more ways to work with others to improve services to the music industry – albeit with lessons learned from ICE!

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