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How did a data geek end up working in music? I can’t play an instrument, read music or sing! What I bring is a passion for protecting the rights of creators and rightsholders plus an understanding of the complex data issues our industry faces.

I worked in IT solving problems and supporting businesses and individuals. My interest in the music industry started while removing viruses that came from illegal music downloading (serves them right). I decided to change careers and use my skill set in the music industry.

My first music job was working in sync for a publisher with a catalogue of library (RSM) & commercial music (Odyssey Music). I also used my skills to make the company more efficient and grow, leading me onto the role of director of operations. I oversaw the day-today running of the business. I also spent a year working on the PRS for Music Production Music Advisory Group.

I launched Motus Music in 2017 with a catalogue of 80,000 tracks, after spending 6 months putting together a team of publishers, writers, salespeople, and building a custom copyright system. Revenues and the catalogue grew exponentially despite being a small team due to efficient processes and embracing technology. We now represent almost 200,000 tracks. In 2020 I re-joined the PMAG where I’m very passionate about finding solutions to licensing and distribution issues plus generally helping PRS and the publishing community.

I also work on CISAC’s Society Publisher Forum. Last year I designed the first JSON format CWR file which is currently being reviewed. If accepted, this will allow PROs and publishers to develop real-time data connections, improving the flow of copyright information.

Having worked for small publishers, I’ve gained experience within sync, licensing, royalty processing, copyright, and overseas societies, so I have a well-rounded knowledge of the overall industry.

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